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A sip of margarita, sand under your feet, breeze in your hair, a tinge of tan and vibrance of the ocean.
Breezy silhouettes, aqua colours with tiny subtle elements of shells and beads intertwined with beautiful crotchet laces makes it perfect for any mood.

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Do you customize?

Yes, depending on your requirements we can customise:

1/ Size customisation: Any size outside our standard size chart (XS-XXL) can be done, it may incur extra cost.

2/ Colour customisation can be done from the colour available in our collection palate only.

3/ Style customisation is possible only to limited extent, example: sleeves/sleeveless, unstitched/stitched blouse.

4/ Style adaptation to Kidswear any style can be adapted to the requirements of the kids

Write to us care@charkhee.com for specific requirement.

I like something but it is Sold Out

Some Sold Out styles can be custom made as per your requirement.

This will not be returnable or exchangeable and will be priced in full as per the standard MRP at the time of order confirmation.

Write to us care@charkhee.com

I need a smaller/bigger size

Yes. Any size outside our standard size chart (XS-XXL) can be made, we follow a standard rate card for plus sizes.

Write to us care@charkhee.com with the style and size requirement to know more details.

Can I get a set with/without Dupatta?

Yes. We have recently introduced this option.

You can write to us care@charkhee.com with the style to know the cost difference.

Dupatta cannot be returned once purchased.

I need Top in a different size & Bottom in a different size

Yes it is possible.

Please select product size basis the sizing of the Top and write your requirement in the comments section.

Example: If you want a Top in M and Bottom in S. You should select and complete your transaction by selecting M in Size. Leave comment stating Top in size M and Bottom in size S.

Also mail the order id to care@charkhee.com

Write to us care@charkhee.com with the style and size requirement incase you need any further assistance.