Spring summer 22


Ours is a sunshine state of mind

wardrobe essentials

Spontaneous Casuals

Men & Women

Bringing forth a refreshing

Sorbet Palette

A love fair with linen!


Escape the Mundane

Epitomise the freshness of spring

meander into spring in spell binding hues


Echoing the symphony of a gallant summer we bring forth a refreshing sorbet palette taking a dip into the seasonal rhythms. With elevating silhouette's, spell-binding hues and fabrics that epitomize the freshness of spring - ‘CHARKHEE CASUALS’ in Cotton & Linen, escape the mundane!

quintessential classics


Like a beautiful art piece, each design is handcrafted with intricate detailing. Range of jewellery, handbags, pocket square etc.

Perfect to complete a look, or looking for a perfect gift.

Charkhee is also available on other online platforms and partner stores in select cities

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