One thing that clearly resonates with a refreshing feeling or a chill vibe on a hot summer day are two similar words: "a Sunday" and "a Sundae." The resemblance in their pronunciation and the associations they carry create a delightful parallel. When one thinks of a Sunday, it often invokes images of leisure, relaxation, and enjoyment, while the word "Sundae" immediately brings to mind a cold chill treat.

It's a perfect combination that encapsulates the essence of a summer outing or a moment of pure bliss. It’s with this essence that the Charkhee’ collection ‘Sun-dae’ was curated.

Echoing the symphony of a vibrant summer, Charkhee’ sun-dae collection in a refreshing sorbet palette that embraces the seasonal rhythms. With elevated silhouettes, captivating hues, and fabrics that epitomize the freshness of spring, Charkhee's casual collection for both men and women offers an escape from the mundane.

This collection is made with traditional Indian cotton, from pastel hues to bold patterns creatively mixed with paneled patchwork, as if to reflect a color palette or a cup of a beautiful sundae. Each garment is a summer treat, that adds a touch of joy and comfort to your loungewear wardrobe.

With Sundae, we prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Our collection features loose fits and relaxed cuts that allow for easy movement and unrestricted comfort. Lounge in absolute bliss, feeling refreshed and carefree in our summer-inspired pieces.

Sun-dae collction represents a break from routine, Whether you're unwinding at home, enjoying a weekend brunch, or enjoying a relaxed summer getaway, Sundae has the perfect ensemble for you. offers versatile pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night.